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Employment Screening Service

Pre-employment screening helps corporations and businesses of all sizes save time and money during their hiring and recruitment process. Employment Screening will:

-Help protect your company from negligent hiring lawsuits
-Provide a safe working environment for your employees and your customers
-Reduce workplace violence and accidents, which will reduce worker compensation claims
-Attracting higher caliber applicants
-Discourage applicants with criminal records from applying to your company
-Decrease employee turnover and hiring/training costs

We are committed to creating a safer and more secure workplace through the responsible use of information. All of our business practices are FCRA compliant. Please refer to our Legal page for more information about FCRA compliance and what we do to work within its guidelines.

Our web-based ordering and retrieval system ensures the complete security of your data with dual redundancy servers and dual firewall protection. Whether you need to quickly pre-screen candidates or conduct in-depth background research, our services willl enable you to make hiring decisions rapidly and with confidence.

Why Choose Us?

-Live customer service
-Simple and flexible web-based ordering with emailed reports
-Available 24/7 from any PC worldwide
-Quick results, many services are instant and most results are returned within 36 hours
-Easy to read reports and invoices
-Fully insured

We offer special discounts for high-volume users.

Please call us at 888.998.7300 if you have additional questions or need customer support.

County Criminal Search
This search is the key to conducting a thorough check of the applicant’s criminal history. When a search is ordered for a particular county, we send a court researcher to the county courthouse to conduct a manual search of the records of the clerk of the court. This search contains the most detailed, accurate, and up to date criminal information and will provide a minimum of 7 years of criminal history. Additional court access fees may apply.

State-level Criminal Search
This search provides results obtained from the criminal databases that are maintained by individual states. The information available from the state databases various widely from state to state. It is recommended that any results obtained from this search be confirmed through a County Criminal Search, which will also provide a greater level of detail.

Nationwide Criminal Search
This search provides results from all available criminal and national security databases. The results of this search typically do not include any details of the reported offense. It is recommended that any results obtained from this search be confirmed through a County Criminal Search, which will also provide a greater level of detail.

National Sex Offender Search
A search of the Sex Offender Registries from 50 states and Washington DC is conducted. The results from this search typically include a photograph of the convicted felon.

Wants and Warrants Search
This search reveals active wants and warrants and identifies the issuing agency. Active warrants will not appear in criminal history searches so this search is often necessary to obtain a complete view of the applicant’s criminal behavior.

Employment and Tenant Credit Reports
The information contained in these reports includes bankruptcies, liens, judgments, and a credit history which provides a summary of how the applicant manages his/her financial obligations. These reports are also useful as an additional source of identity verification as they provide information on the applicant’s aliases, social security number, address history, and employment history.

Driving History
This search provides a summary of the applicant’s driving record which may include traffic violations, driving related offenses, and restrictions/suspensions/revocations. This search may also reveal misdemeanor DUI convictions which are sometimes not included in the criminal histories of all jurisdictions.

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  Credit Reports
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  Wants and Warrants
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  Workers Compensation
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